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188bet.com独立写作 ——“举例论证”
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  2018年9月2日 独立写作题目

  “Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?The best way for a teacher to help students get interested in a subject is to explain how this subject will help students live better outside school. ”




  段落开始是中心句:First, when students are fully aware that what they learn have economic benefits, they are likely to put in time and energy for the sake of money.

  然后,用例子去诠释道理:For instance, a teacher of writing may fail when the teacher tries to interest the students with big reasons like brain development or a display of intellect. As a matter of fact, the teacher could relate the proficiency in writing to good argumentation skills. The teacher could let the students know that when bargaining with employers over salaries, employees need to make a compelling case, and that learning writing is to foster the skills in developing a good line of reasoning. Students may be motivated as a result.

  这个例子的篇幅为88 words。例子结束时,段落的行文就结束了。


  段落开始时说两句(最多三句)道理:Teachers could also demonstrate other practical uses of a subject, such as dating and socializing. Students may beintrigued since these activities are essential in one’s personal life.

  然后,用例子去诠释道理:One of my peer teachers always tells his students that knowing fun facts of history can impress girls. As the boys in the class hear that, they show great interest in History. Obviously, which of the boys does not want to create a good impression on the girl he likes?

  这个例子的篇幅为50 word。例子结束时,段落的行文就结束了。


  例子的内容都是有细节的:两个例子里都提及了具体 subject以及对应的具体benefit。

  2019年5月4日 独立写作题目

  “Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?The most important goal of education is to teach people how to educate themselves.”



  段落开始时说一句道理(不是段落中心句,而是道理的开始):Some knowledge, constantly updated, is not permanent and may expire.

  然后立刻用一个例子去诠释道理(例子没有出现在道理完全说完的时候,而是立刻诠释上一句:For example, in the worlds of physics and chemistry, some equations, principles or formulas that used to be gold have beendisproven.

  这个例子的篇幅为22 word。

  继续讲道理(依托例子),并且把道理讲完:In this constant change, no educational institutions are able to teach all of the knowledge about the world in the given time, and a person needs topossess the ability to learn independently after the time, and the ability needs to be fostered when the person is still in school.

  然后,用例子去诠释道理(但是在例子出现前,有一个短句过渡):This is important. 例子出现,诠释道理的主要部分:Take my father as an example, and he can well represent the whole generation whose knowledge learned during their college years may be outdated. Thanks to their ability to educate themselves developed during the college time, they are able to keep pace with the updates of knowledge and are still active in the workplace. They would otherwise be replaced with the younger workforce, whose education teaches the latest knowledge.

  这个例子的篇幅为69 word。例子结束时,段落的行文就结束了。

  这个段落里,有两个例子,一“大”一“小”。 两个例子的内容是有细节的:具体的 subjects,具体的人物