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  2019年5月11日 独立写作题目

  “Some people think that older children should be required to take care of younger children. Others think that this should be done by parents or other adults.Which of the two points of view do you agree with?”



  ※ 位置(写在哪里):经典的位置在道理后面,“大胆 / 自由”的位置在全文的最开头。

  ※ 篇幅(写多少字):并不固定,可多可少可长可短可大可小。

  ※ 必要性:全文中必须有,但是不是每个段落都必须有。


  【用例子作为整篇作文的开头,确实是一种“大胆”的写法】 I did not the chance to take care of any younger siblings, since I am the only child of my parents. My parents had the chance, looking after my uncles and aunts, since their parents were busy working people andabsent most of the time. Those children have all grown up fine, and my parents in particular have become caring and responsible adults. 【用总结例子的方式引出立场】 What happens in my family illustrates my point that older children should take care of younger children, and I do not think that it is parents or other adults who should do the job.


  1、the younger children are benefited;

  2、the older children are benefited;

  3、the family as a whole is benefited。

  【首先,“水”一句,提示读者我们开始讨论The first个方面。】 First, the younger children are benefited. 【然后,正常展开经典的行文结构:先一句、两句、三句讲道理。】 They grow up better when they are attended by the brothers or sisters than when they are raised by the parents. The advantage lies within the narrow age range, and the similar ages do not divide the children. By contrast, the generation gap between a parent and a child is disadvantageous. 【讲道理的时候,不要贪图妄想一句中心句就一定可以把道理说明白。】【接下来,道理讲完,举例子去诠释道理。】 In the case of my uncles and aunts, because they were taken care of by their older siblings, my parents, who are not much older, they were well understood. For instance, when they made mistakes, my parents would not scold them, and instead they were educated gently, and the mistakes might have beentolerated. They now recall the plenty of joy and little stress during their happy childhood. If they had been looked after by my grandparents, their children would not have been joyful and would have been stressful. 【最后一句是用虚拟语做比较,比较于家长照顾小孩儿】

  【先提示读者我们开始讨论第二个方面。】 The older children are also benefited. 【讲道理从这里开始】The experience of looking after the younger children may be transferred. When the older children grow up to be adults, they will, using the experience, be able to take good care of their own children. The experiencequalifies them for being parents. Also, they may grow a caring heart, which is a desirable quality when they are with other people. 【不是每一个idea都要举例。当一个道路特别显而易见的时候,可以考虑不要例子。】In comparison, when the job is done by the parents, the older children miss the chance to learn and to develop the sense of responsibility. 【最后一句是做比较,比较于家长照顾小孩儿】

  In addition, the family as a whole is benefited. 【讲道理从这里开始】In many families, where older children act the parents’ role, looking after their younger brothers or sisters, children are closely bonded. Conflict is less likely in such families when the children become adults. The intimacy prevents the scramble for the properties descending from the older generation. 【道理最多三句讲完,然后举例】 For instance, a family may fall apart when an older person leaves the world as the heritage may be the point of struggle. However, this would not be the case in families where the older and younger offspring / descendants have thefirm bond. 【例子的篇幅不一定要很大】

  In light of the above, it is advisable that older children take care of younger children. It is better than parents doing the job.




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