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  2019年6月1日 独立写作题目

  “Which of the two kinds of tourist attractions do you prefer?Those that have only some visitors;Those that have many visitors. ”





  Popular tourist attractions always receive a big crowd of visitors. However, as there may be too many people, they may not be attractive. Instead, those with only some visitors are preferable.【简洁快速的开头】


  A beautiful scenic spot【“景点”】turns unpleasant when there are many visitors. Those visitors block 【“遮挡”】the sight,obstruct【“阻塞”】the path and make undesirable uproars【“喧哗”】. This ruins the experience of sightseeing since no one goes to an attraction to see people or to hear the noise, and nor would anyone want to rear end 【“追尾”】the people in front or to be rear-ended.【描述了令人不悦的情况】【接下来用例子诠释上述情况。注意引出例子的措辞方式可以不那么“太传统”/“太规矩”】 One of such unpleasant experiences I had may be that of many others. The Forbidden City is a hotspot, attracting thousands of tourists a day. I got impatient waiting in the long line for the security check at the entrance and even annoyed as I could not get a close look at the interior of many halls because the flock【“(人)群”】of tourists in front of me just would not move at all. In addition, the children were noisy and irritating【“讨人厌的”】, yelling and running around. I could not read the script of description. 【例子的经典位置,段落的后部】【diss结束】


  【首先,总述一句,宏观比较】Conversely, it certainly feels comfortable when a landscape【“景观”】or scenery【“自然风光”】is not packed【“塞满”】with tourists. When taking a photo, no passers-by【“路人”】will intrude into【“闯入”】the picture, or there will be nounwelcome people in the background. It is certainly pleasant that one can take good pictures with anything he or she likes and without disturbances. My last visit to the West Lake was a delightful experience. I enjoyed a fantastic time because the visit was not during the season when there are numerous tourists. I took a lot of god pictures of the beautiful scenes with no one’sintrusion【“闯入”】into the view. In addition, the staff there were patient and friendly since there were not many tourists bothering them. I was therefore fortunate that they offered a favorable【“友好的”】reception【“接待”】. It thus also follows that service at the tourist attractions can be satisfactory when there are only some visitors.

  In addition, some vacationers visit a scenery spot for a quiet time far from their everyday life. Their vacation is to escape from the complication of their uproarious daily lives. The quietness is unlikely where the visitors are numerous, and instead, the peace is only possible where there are not many people.

  【几乎复制开头】Overall, those popular tourist attractions must have features that invite【“吸引”】the many tourists. However, the large numbers of patrons, too many, may render【“致使”】the spots less desirable for the chaos【“混乱”】. Instead, those attractions with only some visitors are certainly preferable.